Ephemerata Weather Radar now in Beta mode

Preliminary testing is now complete and the system is live in beta test. The html page is quite rough at this point and will get cleaned up as I determine what content is… Continue reading

Ephemerata Weather Radar Coming Soon (now in alpha test)

I think its well understood that I can’t leave anything alone (you didn’t know that? Oh, yeah, I incessantly fiddle with things until they’re broken, I’m broke, or just plain bored. So far,… Continue reading

Tales from the Mouse Bump. II

Previous posts have documented my tentative steps as a newbie “Gray on Trays” candidate/fool and I’m pleased to report I survived getting up on both feet today [insert typical Coppin encyclopedic note: you… Continue reading

On exploding ketchup bottles and getting old.

What is it about getting old that causes you to drop things? Causes you to lose your grip? Arthritis? Fear of abusing the power you know you have in your experienced hands? Alzheimer… Continue reading

Eureka! We have glide-off!

Master of the bottom of the bunny hill! Well, school yard mouse bump… First time out on the ‘board practis’n stepping, glides, entertaining the neighbours. School yard was crusty powder punctuated with icy… Continue reading

Custom dulcimer arrived…beauty!

Some of you may know of my, er, interest in musical instruments (and the fact that I am apparently tone deaf as well. I know, very little with me makes sense.) Anyhoo, I… Continue reading

Open Thread no.1

Drop whatever comment suits you here. Leave me a note. Ask a question. Make a statement. Tell a secret, we’ll keep it to ourselves, honest. For input when a topic post doesn’t seem… Continue reading

New Winter “Wheels”

For a while now, I’ve been bummed out about the fact I don’t seem to get off my duff and get out and do things, especially in the winter. Formerly, I did a… Continue reading

Just what the world needs, another blog.

There are some magnificent blogs out there, attracting thousands of viewers, spotlighting the most pressing issues of the day, invigorating dialogue around the world. This isn’t one of them. No, what this is,… Continue reading