Beautiful Noise.

[Updated March, 2012] This is a repost of one I made on another blog. A discussion got going amongst members about who were ham radio operators (its a music blog). If you’ve ever… Continue reading

Computerized Machining

If you’ve ever wondered how far technology can go in the manufacturing world, this demo video might give you a clue – the machining of a complete aluminum V8 engine block from a… Continue reading


40 years ago…

40 years ago tomorrow, The crew of Apollo 11 headed off from Cape Canaveral to the moon. The video below is a screenprint of the televised launch at 9:32AM EDT July 16, 1969,… Continue reading

Hosting service problems- fixed; phone still out

UPDATE: July 15/09: Phone still out. Haven’t had a chance to make arrangements with Bell to get it fixed. Maybe I won’t. Haven’t really missed it. UPDATE: July 6/09: Internet service is fully… Continue reading

Upcoming event

This is a chain-yanker for a friend of mine. She’s notoriously BAD about this, so I’m going to taunt her ruthlessly to see if she gets it this year. Yo, TK! Can you… Continue reading

Some thoughts on a few things…

I just noticed that its been more than a month since I added anything to this blog. Not that that has any particular significance, but when you lay yourself open publicly on a… Continue reading

Energy, Global Warming, Pragmatism

[I lifted this directly from Anthony Watt’s Watts Up With That website (who got it from SDA). If you don’t like to read about global warming – you should read this, if you… Continue reading

Another 15 minutes of fame…

That makes an hour and 15 minutes on my total-to-life list… […]The “precarious state of the U.S. polar bear population” Yesterday’s LA Times story on the Obama administration deciding not to use polar… Continue reading


A post on another blog reminds me of a quote I hadn’t heard for a few years. As I read through the news, and especially the bizarre “global warming” silliness, I am truly… Continue reading


So what has got Amanda Holden of Britain’s Got Talent so smug, then so enraptured? Could it be a frumpy 47 year old Scots lass? Yes it could!… (double click on the image… Continue reading

Blooper reel at

Jill has put an outtake reel up on the front page of, as a teaser to the upcoming 2010 season. LOL! Must viewing for all aspiring boarders who would like to know… Continue reading

Kokopelli’s Flute- Reprise

There are not many good videos of Michael Graham Allen around apparently, even though he is a well known performer in some circles. He is known, of course, as the father of the… Continue reading

When one break is not quite enough, or you haven’t got time for a full one….

The afternoon break

Enough to keep you from falling asleep, not enough to motivate you. Great near the end of the day to get in the mood for bolting for the door.