When death is a mercy

Assisted suicide, euthanasia and other end-of-life strategies continue to dominate many present day discussions amongst ethicists, religious ideologues, spirtual folk, and media panels, and daily life is punctuated by sad news stories in… Continue reading

Ephemerata and its allied sites now back up

Goodbye Bell and DSL, No more life in internet hell, We’ll miss you not a wit, Losing sleep and patience, bit by bit, EWR is again all able, thanks to the benefit of… Continue reading

Clois – the deepest love story, ever?

Every once in a while, a young actress comes along who has the capacity to wrap you in a warmth of companionship and love through her acting, in a way that is without… Continue reading

Kate Middleton: Duchess of Cambridge, Countess Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus

… Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Phillip Louis, Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor, and future Queen Consort of England, the British Isles and the Commonwealth. After a picture perfect, fairy tale wedding that followed a… Continue reading

An unabashed tribute of love to Margo and the Cowboy Junkies

Every once in a while its time to escape the lunacy of politics and ideologies and get lost in the sheer majesty of this band and their exquisitely real lead, Margo Timmins. I… Continue reading

New Instrument! Introducing the CV Banjo!

Getting a new instrument is always exciting, and especially so when the instrument is new new, as in never before played by anybody before today (ok, so some will say it still hasn’t… Continue reading

The Olympics as a Metaphor for Life

With the 2010 Winter Olympics now history (all over but the whining…), several of the matches were poignant reminders of how fate, kismet, destiny or whatever you believe drives the reality of the… Continue reading

Lost Gander

I’ve been meaning to post this video for some time. I have become fascinated by how under-appreciated the banjo is. The more I study this instrument the more I appreciate how versatile it… Continue reading

Paul Reed Smith and his guitars

Paul Reed Smith makes just exquisite electric guitars. His PRS guitars are thought by many to be the epitome of custom, semi-custom and production guitars. Even his offshore manufactured SE line (of which… Continue reading

Remembrance Day 2009

This video originally surfaced in 2007, in French, without music, presumably out of Quebec. Since then it has been adopted by many in tribute, including this version accompanied by a choir of the… Continue reading

Further development at Ephemerata Weather Radar

One of my projects within Ephemerata has been the Ephemerata Weather Radar Project. This project has taken on a life of its own, due in a large part to the efforts of Darryl… Continue reading

Neck Pain and Eyestrain

Hobbies that involve the physical universe are not necessarily compatible with the corporeal universe, hence the title of this post. Like so many others, when night falls, I find myself frequently drawn to… Continue reading

Orianthi Panagaris

If you haven’t seen or heard much of this young Aussie lass yet, and you like sweet high energy soulful rock, this girl will rock you! I’ve been watching her since PRS picked… Continue reading

Flutes and other noisemakers II

In a previous post I introduced “Kokopelli’s Flute”, the Anasazi edge-blown flute of the US southwest of 800-1200 years ago. One of the principal performers of this ancient instrument is Scott August. The… Continue reading

Changes and upgrades to Ephemerata Weather Radar

If you haven’t been to Ephemerata’s alter ego, the Ephemerata Weather Radar Project, you should drop over and check it, and its companion blog, ewradar.wordpress.com out! Development continues at the website! If you… Continue reading