The 2012 Transit of Venus

Twice in a person’s lifetime, and only twice (and maybe only once) one gets to see, with the aid of a suitable telescope or sun projector, the planet Venus move across the face… Continue reading

2012 Hurricane season gets Underway – Tropical Storm Beryl

Everybody was caught a bit by surprise by the early start of the hurrcane and tropical storm season this year. Four named storms so far, two in the eastern Pacific and two in… Continue reading

Hale: How We Nearly Lost discovery

[Blog comment: Things that other people write on their blogs are frequently way more important than anything I will write on this one. Introspection is an attribute of a sober, focused mind. With… Continue reading

Backyard astronomy: a portable observatory.

One of the challenges of doing backyard astronomy in the big city is the fact that big cities are bright (see the telescopes I use here). There’s no such thing as dark skies… Continue reading

R/C Model Aircraft

This is another of the hobbies that I cycle through. I was employed in the hobby trade, specifically R/C (Radio controlled) for a few years while I was between careers. Friend of mine… Continue reading

Earl Eugene Scruggs, 1924-2012

You can’t be a fan of the quintessential American folk instrument, the banjo, and not know of, and respect, the premier enthusiast of it, Earl Eugene Scruggs. Google him, look him up on… Continue reading

The Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer

This uniquely eastern American musical instrument had it roots in the German Scheitholt, and has evolved several variants as a folk instrument from the 1700s to the present day. Emanating from Scots immigrants… Continue reading

Still fiddling with format

Turns out, I didn’t really like the last theme, so trying another….and another…and…

Tales from the Mouse Bump. III

Well. Since Mouse Bump II was written, two more winters have passed. The winter following MBII was an excellent winter for snowboarding. In the previous summer of ’10, I even signed up for… Continue reading

Apropos the Climate Change fraud

A couple of appropriate posts from Twitter this morning (I haven’t verified the attirbution, accepting them at face value): “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit… Continue reading

“Never do that again…” UPDATE

Lord Monckton, sternly but sadly, told those who had raised their hands: “You know, from the plain and clear demonstration that I gave during my lecture, that the IPCC’s[Int’l Panel on Climate Change]… Continue reading

Blog note: photos missing from several older posts

I’ve just discovered that most of the photos in the older posts were (um, were) on my old ISP’s server and now they’re not…. ugh. It will take me a while to round… Continue reading

Ephemerata has a new front door.

I’ve been playing with some new themes on WordPress for Blog Ephemerata. The old home page at now requires you to click through to to the Blog Ephemerata page. All of the… Continue reading

Christelle Berthon – Lewis & Clark -Tommy Emmanuel Cover

Suzuki Manji harmonica in B In her words…: Tommy is a legend and since I’ll probably never get the chance to play live with him so I’m playing along one of his songs.… Continue reading

Sometimes you just get lucky

Sunset in September, at home. A segment of about of 8 shots I got this evening. [More at Ephemral/Photo].