Other Noisemakers IV: The Hammered Dulcimer

Deceptively simple in form, and related to early harpsicord and piano variants, the hammered dulcimer is a 3-6 key octave string-percussion instrument diatonically or chromatically arranged with, gee, an awful lot of strings… Continue reading

Bravo Zulu, Lillymae

Every pilot’s once-in-a-lifetime event! In a glider! In a dress! 14. Not old enough to drive. BZ LillyMae! (Nicely done with the slip on landing, too, like an old hand.

Other noisemakers III – Bag and small pipes, bellows adaptation.

My study of contemporary ethnic instruments continues with the iconic instrument of the Scottish Highlands, the Great Highland Bagpipe(GHB) and its lowland cousin, the Scottish smallpipe. The great highland bagpipe is known from… Continue reading

Castle and Beckett – Caskett! And the ‘extraordinary’ Stana Katic.

Catching up on this series after being unable to watch it for the first three seasons, all I can say is, wow. I wondered out loud back in May of last year whether… Continue reading

Top Secret

You may have seen drum corps before, especially if you live in the US, but you likely haven’t seen this. Out of Basel, Switzerland, the Top Secret Drum Corps:

Joshua and Ezekiel – the CV banjo twins

Back in the summer of 2010, I introduced 1 1/2 custom banjos that I had recently completed. At that time the banjo project showed the fretless neck on the pot originally designed for… Continue reading


No, it doesn’t have anything to do with women…

“One small step”, one big man: Neil Alden Armstrong 1930-2012

The tribute below is a compilation of video material from HBO and IMAX, interwoven with music and the real audio track (Youtuber vokram1). The video following is the real thing. Robert Krulwich of… Continue reading

Riverdance: The beginning

For years, I remain entranced by the dance prowess of Jean Butler, the orignal female lead in the Riverdance irish dance phenemonon (video below) that captivated audiences around the world for the sheer… Continue reading

On the passing of an ephemeral acquaintance…

The internet forges relationships borne solely on streams of consciousness, without physical manifestation in any tangible form. But even in this ethereal existence, the untimely passing of an acquaintance, however phantom and remote,… Continue reading

CURIOSITY bites the dust, and lives to tell about it!

PASADENA, Calif. – About two hours after landing on Mars and beaming back its first image, NASA’s Curiosity rover transmitted a higher-resolution image of its new Martian home, Gale Crater. Mission Control at… Continue reading

Lazy day on the slopes…:)

Choreography for Plastic Army Men

I’m not taking credit for this, just sharing.

Important: DNS Changer Infrastructure Malware

From Public Safety Canada: (note: In addition to the sites/tools listed in the PSC bulletin, CIRA – the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (“.ca”) has a checker website to see if your computer is… Continue reading


If you’re an R/C pilot/enthusiast and especially a heli or aerial photo enthusiast this is just…WOW! Variations on this have been in development and in the field in the AP multi-copter world for… Continue reading