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Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to those who are, or are remembering… My dad went work to work at 15 (general shop work and building wooden car bodies for what was then Fisher Body, eventually… Continue reading

The Corrs redux, and Lucie Jones, too.

ScoittSince Easter weekend is about resurrection, the theme generally, can have more earthly significance too. My contribution tonight is a concert by the Corrs, ca 1999. The reason I’ve put this up, is… Continue reading

The Best Day of Our Lives

Travis and Jenny Clark. Nothing more needs to be said.

So I thought I’d try out a new kite…

So who doesn’t like to go kite flying on a warm spring day in May…? Not to miss a great May day, I got up early, early, and headed to one of my… Continue reading

Ground Control to Major Tom…er, Cmdr Chris…

At the conclusion of his stint as commander of the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield signs off with a slick and fitting send-off prior to taking the somewhat hazardous return trip… Continue reading

Castle and Beckett – Caskett! And the ‘extraordinary’ Stana Katic.

Catching up on this series after being unable to watch it for the first three seasons, all I can say is, wow. I wondered out loud back in May of last year whether… Continue reading

“One small step”, one big man: Neil Alden Armstrong 1930-2012

The tribute below is a compilation of video material from HBO and IMAX, interwoven with music and the real audio track (Youtuber vokram1). The video following is the real thing. Robert Krulwich of… Continue reading

On the passing of an ephemeral acquaintance…

The internet forges relationships borne solely on streams of consciousness, without physical manifestation in any tangible form. But even in this ethereal existence, the untimely passing of an acquaintance, however phantom and remote,… Continue reading

Hale: How We Nearly Lost discovery

[Blog comment: Things that other people write on their blogs are frequently way more important than anything I will write on this one. Introspection is an attribute of a sober, focused mind. With… Continue reading

Apropos the Climate Change fraud

A couple of appropriate posts from Twitter this morning (I haven’t verified the attirbution, accepting them at face value): “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit… Continue reading

“Never do that again…” UPDATE

Lord Monckton, sternly but sadly, told those who had raised their hands: “You know, from the plain and clear demonstration that I gave during my lecture, that the IPCC’s[Int’l Panel on Climate Change]… Continue reading

When death is a mercy

Assisted suicide, euthanasia and other end-of-life strategies continue to dominate many present day discussions amongst ethicists, religious ideologues, spirtual folk, and media panels, and daily life is punctuated by sad news stories in… Continue reading

The Olympics as a Metaphor for Life

With the 2010 Winter Olympics now history (all over but the whining…), several of the matches were poignant reminders of how fate, kismet, destiny or whatever you believe drives the reality of the… Continue reading

Beautiful Noise.

[Updated March, 2012] This is a repost of one I made on another blog. A discussion got going amongst members about who were ham radio operators (its a music blog). If you’ve ever… Continue reading

40 years ago…

40 years ago tomorrow, The crew of Apollo 11 headed off from Cape Canaveral to the moon. The video below is a screenprint of the televised launch at 9:32AM EDT July 16, 1969,… Continue reading