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Flutes and other noisemakers II

In a previous post I introduced “Kokopelli’s Flute”, the Anasazi edge-blown flute of the US southwest of 800-1200 years ago. One of the principal performers of this ancient instrument is Scott August. The… Continue reading

Kokopelli’s Flute- Reprise

There are not many good videos of Michael Graham Allen around apparently, even though he is a well known performer in some circles. He is known, of course, as the father of the… Continue reading

A 10 minute break. More NAF

Plug in the headphones, pretend you’re listening to something corporate, turn the monitor away from the boss’ view, jump up the screen and relax…. Asian settings and NAF flutes are not so disjunctive… Continue reading

North American Flute

NAFs, as they are called. Fipple flutes popularized by various tribes. Though not originating with natives, they have developed into a significant modern cultural artifact. hit the full-screen button and sit back and… Continue reading

Kokopelli’s Flute

I told one of friends not long ago I was done buying musical instruments for 2009 at least, and wanted to concentrate more on the playing of what I had, rather than expanding… Continue reading