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The Corrs redux, and Lucie Jones, too.

ScoittSince Easter weekend is about resurrection, the theme generally, can have more earthly significance too. My contribution tonight is a concert by the Corrs, ca 1999. The reason I’ve put this up, is… Continue reading

は な わ ち え – Chie Hanawa (は -HA な -NA わ -WA ち -CHI え -E)

Hanawa Chie (Japanese practice is to list surname first) is a young Japanese mistress of the Tsugaru Shamisen, an ancient stringed instrument akin to the banjo and likely derived from the Chinese sanxian.… Continue reading

Notes on tying an Erhu qianjin.

Editor’s note: This post is a modified cross-post from Erhu Link – all your erhu queries here!!! I’ve archived the core info from the post here as Mr. Dunhuang hasn’t updated the blog… Continue reading

Other Noisemakers IV: The Hammered Dulcimer

Deceptively simple in form, and related to early harpsicord and piano variants, the hammered dulcimer is a 3-6 key octave string-percussion instrument diatonically or chromatically arranged with, gee, an awful lot of strings… Continue reading

Other noisemakers III – Bag and small pipes, bellows adaptation.

My study of contemporary ethnic instruments continues with the iconic instrument of the Scottish Highlands, the Great Highland Bagpipe(GHB) and its lowland cousin, the Scottish smallpipe. The great highland bagpipe is known from… Continue reading

Top Secret

You may have seen drum corps before, especially if you live in the US, but you likely haven’t seen this. Out of Basel, Switzerland, the Top Secret Drum Corps:

Joshua and Ezekiel – the CV banjo twins

Back in the summer of 2010, I introduced 1 1/2 custom banjos that I had recently completed. At that time the banjo project showed the fretless neck on the pot originally designed for… Continue reading

The Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer

This uniquely eastern American musical instrument had it roots in the German Scheitholt, and has evolved several variants as a folk instrument from the 1700s to the present day. Emanating from Scots immigrants… Continue reading

Christelle Berthon – Lewis & Clark -Tommy Emmanuel Cover

Suzuki Manji harmonica in B In her words…: Tommy is a legend and since I’ll probably never get the chance to play live with him so I’m playing along one of his songs.… Continue reading

New Instrument! Introducing the CV Banjo!

Getting a new instrument is always exciting, and especially so when the instrument is new new, as in never before played by anybody before today (ok, so some will say it still hasn’t… Continue reading

Lost Gander

I’ve been meaning to post this video for some time. I have become fascinated by how under-appreciated the banjo is. The more I study this instrument the more I appreciate how versatile it… Continue reading

Paul Reed Smith and his guitars

Paul Reed Smith makes just exquisite electric guitars. His PRS guitars are thought by many to be the epitome of custom, semi-custom and production guitars. Even his offshore manufactured SE line (of which… Continue reading

Flutes and other noisemakers II

In a previous post I introduced “Kokopelli’s Flute”, the Anasazi edge-blown flute of the US southwest of 800-1200 years ago. One of the principal performers of this ancient instrument is Scott August. The… Continue reading

The guitars and other noisemakers. I.

I’m not really a collector of guitars. Well, given how well I play, maybe that’s the only thing you can say about my musical instruments. The acquisition of the guitars started out as… Continue reading

Kokopelli’s Flute

I told one of friends not long ago I was done buying musical instruments for 2009 at least, and wanted to concentrate more on the playing of what I had, rather than expanding… Continue reading