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2012 Hurricane season gets Underway – Tropical Storm Beryl

Everybody was caught a bit by surprise by the early start of the hurrcane and tropical storm season this year. Four named storms so far, two in the eastern Pacific and two in… Continue reading

Further development at Ephemerata Weather Radar

One of my projects within Ephemerata has been the Ephemerata Weather Radar Project. This project has taken on a life of its own, due in a large part to the efforts of Darryl… Continue reading

Changes and upgrades to Ephemerata Weather Radar

If you haven’t been to Ephemerata’s alter ego, the Ephemerata Weather Radar Project, you should drop over and check it, and its companion blog, out! Development continues at the website! If you… Continue reading

Beautiful Noise.

[Updated March, 2012] This is a repost of one I made on another blog. A discussion got going amongst members about who were ham radio operators (its a music blog). If you’ve ever… Continue reading

Youtube channel added for EWRadar

EWRadar now has a Youtube channel: I’ve put two time-lapse scans up of this morning’s eruption at Redoubt: and One is a time-lapse of the “Echo tops” scan, measuring altitude,… Continue reading

Network offline until April 2

Update: Since the DoS attack does not seem to be materializing, I’ve tentatively brought the network back online, but will continue to monitor. Due to Conficker concerns, my network will be offline until… Continue reading

Ephemerata Weather Radar Blog

The Ephemerata Weather Radar Project now has its own support blog, EWRadar blog ( This is distinct from my Ephemerata WordPress Blog that documents all my other silliness. Both blogs are accessible from… Continue reading

Ephemerata Weather Radar page now complete

…And you’re invited to browse – click on the link in the sidebar to access it. Some minor tweaking of the email alert system may be needed yet. Anchor links have been added… Continue reading

Fine tuning Ephemerata Weather Radar continues…

I’m continuing to fine-tune the EWR system, especially the scan triggers. I’ve moved the trigger point to 55 dBZ values (2-4″ rain), as its likely the 50 dBZ levels will be fairly common,… Continue reading

Ephemerata Weather Radar now live

The Ephemerata Weather Radar project is now fully live, with expanded notes. It can be selected from the sidebar, or from the home page of (sidebar). Take the time to go through… Continue reading

Ephemerata Weather Radar now in Beta mode

Preliminary testing is now complete and the system is live in beta test. The html page is quite rough at this point and will get cleaned up as I determine what content is… Continue reading

Ephemerata Weather Radar Coming Soon (now in alpha test)

I think its well understood that I can’t leave anything alone (you didn’t know that? Oh, yeah, I incessantly fiddle with things until they’re broken, I’m broke, or just plain bored. So far,… Continue reading