About me and this blog:

I’m a 60 something Canadian O/F who chases bad guys for a living. I run a political blog, science/environment based blogs, a semi-pro artsy-fartsy photo one, and this one. Ephemerata is just me being me for my friends.

There are some magnificent blogs out there, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers, spotlighting the most pressing issues of the day, invigorating dialogue around the world. This isn’t one of them :).

This blog captures some of my interests and is a portal to other pages and they themselves are portals to further things that I’m doing, or have an interest to me. You can spend hours following the various paths that unfold. There are links and pages to other sites of mine (or areas of interest) organized in the sidebar as well.

This blog also references projects or special interest pages that are a part of Ephemerata but not a direct part of my personal blog, such as the highly evolved Ephemerata Weather Radar Project and its companion blog pages at EWRadar Blog, the weather alert blog subsystems at EWRWxAlert, and Twitter:EWRWxAlert, and other things that I will no doubt come up with from time to time. These are found across the top of the header.

No, what this is, then, is just a place for me to tell my friends what I’m up to and how I’ve been wasting my time lately. Maybe do a little writing, post a little silliness, explore the quirkier part of my personality. Ok, so to the neighbours, “quirky” just means “weird”. I get it! My day job is a tough one, full of pressure, and sometimes, deeply personal tragedies. This blog is for finding some perspective and dwelling instead on discovering some of the highlights of life.

Please make a comment and tell me what you think (not just about the web pages, but about whatever is important to you). Keep it real and check the baggage at the door. This place is for people being true to themselves, first of all. My name is Paul. Introduce yourself; there’s no place to hide on the web anyway. Mostly, comment moderation isn’t turned on, don’t make it necessary to have to, thanks.

What are Ephemerata? Things that are ephemeral, or fleeting in place or time…wisps of personality floating past on the zephyrs of time…