The Corrs redux, and Lucie Jones, too.

ScoittSince Easter weekend is about resurrection, the theme generally, can have more earthly significance too. My contribution tonight is a concert by the Corrs, ca 1999. The reason I’ve put this up, is that the Corrs, a Irish family quartet, were huge on the music scene 10-15 years ago. They took themselves off stage to raise families – there are three sisters and a brother in the group: Caroline, Andrea, Sharon and Jim. In 2015, after being out of the limelight for 10 years, they’ve resurrected , so to speak, back on stage and on tour. There has hardly been a more talented, more attractive family band than these four.

The video below is a studio concert from the MTV Unplugged series, and runs for an hour and 12 minutes. If you only have time for a bit of it, skip to 14:10, “Toss the Feathers”, and the following song “Everybody Hurts”, to truly sample the talents of this family, as they blend traditional Irish folk and modern rock and ballad.

If you have the ability to run this on your big screen, curl up with a fine wine, fine companion, and enjoy the show.

The second selection is a pair of studio covers by a talented young English lass by the name of Lucie Jones. Lucie was a finalist in one of the Britain’s Got Talent series (but didn’t win – the series is part talent show and part gong show), but in no way did that diminish her singing ability. Enjoy both of these performances….

“And there it is” (accompanied by Scott Alan, the composer)

“I can’t make you love me”