So You Think You Can Fly A Kite?

Can you do this? :)

This is Spencer Watson of in the 12th Annual Windless Kite Festival, January 18, 19, and 20 2013. AKA Open Individual Indoor Unlimited competition. He’s flying a modified version of the Revolution Indoor kite, which itself is a variant of the Revolution series of quad(4) line stunt kites. Music is Paint It Black as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

“Windless” or “zero wind” kite flying depends on three things: a light, buoyant frame and design, motion of the flyer, and in single line versions, a design that has been designed and trimmed to glide in light air, glider-style, supported by its own motion in the air.

Lest you think this is beyond the realm of the average Joe or Jane, this second video is of 17 year old Connor Doran, from the 2010 season of America’s Got Talent.

The Revolution style of kite design literally revolutionized stunt kite flying more than 25 years ago with their bi-triangular design. Flown on four lines from a pair of handles about 13 inches long, all four corners of the kite can be pulled. That, and the flexibility of the centre of the main spar, allow the kite to perform all kinds of aerial stunts in competent hands.

Revolution style kites are now available all over the world in a myriad of patterns and colours.

Of course, if hanging onto powerful parafoil kites is more your thing, you could, but don’t, try this. Right, Lee? (caution, language warning:)