So I thought I’d try out a new kite…

So who doesn’t like to go kite flying on a warm spring day in May…? Not to miss a great May day, I got up early, early, and headed to one of my favourite parks. Hardly anyone out there this morning and even at 7AM, no jacket required. Packed a lunch, made a thermos of coffee, and looked forward to a few hours of playful youthfulness with a new quad line, Revolution style, stunt kite (this one is an Albatross brand). In the early morning rising sun, even before the dandelions awoke, I set the kite up to await its first morning zephyrs (At a span of about 7 feet, this is the smallest of 3 Revolution-style kites that I have).

8 A.M.

It was early yet, and it would take a bit for the morning mists to burn off. I was positioned downwind of the park reservoir, hoping to catch the first on-shore breeze as the sun rose in the sky. Since this was a new kite, I had it on short lines, partly to see if the bridles were right, and partly to see what it would do in lighter winds.

8:30 A.M.

I had spent the evening previous making up the short lines, about 38 feet, and I was anxious to see if I got the lines closely equal in length. Quad line kites have four control lines, giving the kite-flyer full control of the kite in the air. The Revolution design is an excellent planform for performance in a wide range of winds. So who doesn’t like to go kite flying on a warm spring day in May…?

9 A.M.

By now the dandelions were fully awake and in full bloom. The heat was beginning to rise with the sun, and the makings of a muggy, unstable day were becoming apparent. A cool breeze off the reservoir would temper the morning, for sure!


I got the thermos out and poured a coffee. Got my camera out and shot a few snaps around the park. I propped the kite back up since it had fallen over in a light puff. I could have brought a book. I didn’t figure I would likely have time to read it. Time to break out the sandwiches. And more of the coffee.

10 A.M.

It’s a lovely, calm, calm morning in the park. Barely a riffle on the placid, calm reservoir. The sandwiches were great, as was the rest of the coffee. I guess I’ll go home now and continue my new kite adventure on the playful winds over the meadows of my mind…:)

And just so you don’t have to sit there and stare at a kite going nowhere, watch this “art” film with John Barresi and his Revolution, strutting their stuff, and the following video, with several Revolutions, stacked:


I have a variety of kites – this video is of one model that I have in 2 sizes: 2m.sq. and 3m.sq. both set up on four lines (the video is of the 3m.sq version running on 2 lines. My 3m.sq. is red rather than blue. The 2m.sq is the same colour as this model but a bit smaller). These are Qunlon kites from China – reasonably inexpensive and quite well made.

When I’m looking for something more sedate and peaceful, I have a couple of Chinese “gliders”. The video below is of a model I have called the Laima (the other glider is called a Raptor 100, and is actually a better glider, but looks more like a conventional kite). Gliders are low wind-no wind kites and are made very light. Depending on the skill of the pilot, they will fly on the lift of the “apparent” wind made when you pull the kite through the air and glide once they are in motion. When there is no wind, it is solely the skill of the pilot that keeps them up. With a light breeze, you can amuse yourself for some time working them around the wind.