For Danielle’s 18th birthday, her fans get a present…

One of the (few) joys of getting old is that you have gotten to see beauty blossom in so many forms over time – beautiful flowers, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, beautiful gestures, beautiful people. There is a particular joy in watching youngsters blossom with God-given talent as they slowly make their way and mark on the world. Its especially beautiful when the mark they make is so pure and inspired and comes deep from within their soul.

Watching the sunrise of Danielle Bradbery’s vocal talent is like watching the rays of the sun spread across the early morning sky. In each advancing moment, a new wonder and a new joy springs forth as her sun rises.

A newly minted 18 year old (and I’m sure she partied heartily), Danielle reversed the paradigm and gave a sublime birthday gift to her fans – a poignantly rendered cover of Say Something by A Great Big World, offered up as a response to a request line promotion Danielle’s team currently has underway.

The cover demonstrates that not only can she belt out a song, as her fans all know, she has exquisite control and purity of the soft notes too.

In a tough uncompromising world, Danielle’s singing always makes me smile. This one has me grinning from ear to ear. Happy birthday, Danielle, and thank you.

Please enjoy Say Something.

And now the second entry in her 7 week fan-requested cover performances:

Try, (originally by Colbie Caillat)

Human, (Christina Perri)