“I’m pretty sure you would have to die, to get a better idea of what an Angel sounds like”

So said one of the commenters to the first Youtube post below, of The Voice sweetheart and season 4 winner, Danielle Bradbery. This pixish young lady, all of 17, has been delighting audiences all over the US since her Voice win in June, as her record label Big Machine Records/Republic pushed her hard all summer doing radio spots, national anthems (opening game of the NFL season, Geico 400 race in Chicago, others) and fairs and concerts. In addition, Blake Shelton has popped her into his summer tour to show her off and let her spin her song. The audience reaction when they know she’s coming out is loud and palpable.

While her schedule has been exhausting (she tweeted once, “I know my way around airports much better than a kid my age should…), the experience is invaluable for giving her the poise, experience and control she needs going forward, as well as introducing, to the world, really, one of the most talented natural singers to come around in a while.

Radio personalities have said that listening to her on television and in the recordings around, doesn’t compare to hearing her voice in person, so much control, range and power.

Danielle released her very first single in July, Heart of Dixie, and the same-titled music video in September. Her first album is due out November 19th, and she tours in November with Brad Paisley. She’s also taped a cameo appearance singing Heart of Dixie for the 8th episode of the TV series “Hart of Dixie”, with Rachel Bilson.

For one of the most enjoyable couple of hours you’ll ever spend, head off to Youtube and just type in “Danielle Bradbery” and surf. To quote Usher, “Amazeballs!”, and he ain’t kidding.

The first youtube video below is an audience recording, set to a collection of videos of her, of an old non-country favourite she sang at a benefit Gala, Augie’s Quest, in the past week in L.A. I’ve added a couple of other videos you might not have seen yet that shows a bit more of what this magnificent young woman is capable of, and the last video is a tidy summary of her Voice journey.

You may not be a country fan, but this girl can sing the phone book and we come out all smiles! Mom Gloria and Dad Danny likely haven’t stopped smilin’ and cryin’ since June!