On the passing of an ephemeral acquaintance…

The internet forges relationships borne solely on streams of consciousness, without physical manifestation in any tangible form. But even in this ethereal existence, the untimely passing of an acquaintance, however phantom and remote, reminds us all, and especially those of us who are past, long past, the invulnerability of youth, that every day is a blessing and a wonder, to be embraced with all of the enthusiasm and magnanimity that one can muster; there may not be another.

We live most of our lives planning for later, often forgetting that life is now, not tonight, not tomorrow, not next week or next year. For those who have not yet reached the age of seniority, this is a life lesson best learned young, options limit as you get to the age where you understand that you face the Gates.

As a moderator of many years of a blog I frequent, Robert Phelan knew more about me than I about him, and what distinguishes such a gentleman from so many, is that he represents those who voluntarily surrendered much of their now to a greater service, a service on behalf of others, and most poignantly, to the service of those he would never meet, for which his only satisfaction could be that of a gentleman, responding to a need, without recompense, or even notoriety. Blessed be those who simply give of themselves, whatever the task. Blessed be the Robert Phelans, and blessed be their families in knowing the measure of their husbands, fathers, brothers, and wives, mothers and sisters too, because generosity of soul knows not gender nor race. May all of their families find comfort in the magnanimity of their loved ones unselfish lives.