Ephemerata has a new front door.

I’ve been playing with some new themes on WordPress for Blog Ephemerata. The old home page at ephemerata.ca now requires you to click through to to the Blog Ephemerata page.

All of the previous links, especially those to the Ephemerata Weather Radar Project, are accessible from this page. It didn’t make sense to have a web page that was only just a referral page to other pages, so now there is but one portal. All of the old reference links will still point as they did,eg, the ….coppin.ca links.

I’ve updated the blog page to provide automated Twitter and Facebook updates to the corresponding accounts. Facebook is problematic at the moment – my Facebook activity is a personal profile (the me link) plus a “page” (Ephemerata), but fr some reason the page is not publishing. I can see it, work it, when logged in as admin, but I can’t find it on search. A trouble ticket has been sent to Facebook, but we’ll see if it gets fixed. [ed. note: problem seems to have been fixed, now.]

As an aside, and while speaking about WordPress and themes and all, and for whom discussions about eyesight begin with the phrase, “once upon a time…“, there is a useful little plugin for Firefox called “No squint”, that lets you play with font and presentation sizing on the fly. It can remember settings for particular pages too, which is useful for regularly viewed sites. I just noticed too, that WP has implemented a full screen editor. Finally! Click on the button in the editing toolbar, eh voila! Bonus!

That’s it! Any site problems, bouquets or brickbats, let me know. Yup, its a little fat, this theme, but at least I can now read it. Ola!
(No, I don’t speak Spanish, but I can order beer in Latin American bars, and I’ve figured out the right answer to “meester, yo wanna meet my seester?”. Por favor.)