Clois – the deepest love story, ever?

Every once in a while, a young actress comes along who has the capacity to wrap you in a warmth of companionship and love through her acting, in a way that is without parallel in the modern tv/screen idiom.

For the millennium decades, I think that actress is none other than the re-defined, re-invigorated, re-invented character of Lois Lane, as so beautifully portrayed and expressed by the equally stunning and affable Erica Durance.

Erica Durance, as Lois Lane

Quite apparently as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, Durance may have redefined the most intense and enduring love story to come along since the beginning of film. I’m old enough to have seen them all, none compares to the sheer radiance expressed by this young woman.

This past Friday was the concluding episode, after a 10 year run, of Smallville, a quirky offbeat story of the iconic Superman legend, set in his formative years, but with a modern placing. Like many, I didn’t discover Smallville until about the 6th or 7th season. Caught a couple glimpses early on, dismissed it as too coy, and moved on. But for some reason, I started watching a few episodes of the second half of the run a few years ago, and found myself utterly hooked. I started buying the DVD sets, then a complete collection -started at the beginning, and over a 2 year period, ploughed my way through every episode. Quite simply, I don’t ever want this series to end. With regard to the finale, comments from the web are, of course, all over the map. I was satisfied (as much as I can be with a finale), but would have like to have seen at the end, an in-front-of-the-curtain theatrical cast-off, with the actors assembled saying their goodbyes – it would have been a nice touch for a series in which the personalities have become, well, so personal.

Everything in this series is crafted slightly (ok, sometimes way..) over the top, from the stylish and delicious production values, to the suspend-reality-here story lines, but the interplay between the characters always remains grounded and real. While the story may be about the young Clark Kent (played by Tom Welling), the real story is the growth of a collection of very capable teenagers growing into young adulthood together onset – finding themselves, their strengths and their passions. While Alison Mack as Chloe Sullivan has woven whole cloth from a character that doesn’t exist in the print version, and is much revered and loved around the world for her portrayal, and while Lana (Kristen Kreuk) ably evoked all of the angst of teenage and young adult passion, it is Erica as Lois, introduced in season 4, who is allowed to freely evolve a character into full, mature adult romance. And boy, does she pull it off.

It takes more than acting to create a convincing portrayal of true romance, however. It takes a pure and open inner soul to provide the ingenuousness and naivete that characterizes an enduring love story. If you watch Durance’s various interviews, its pretty obvious that the character of Lois is cut from the character of Erica Durance, but Lois Lane is not Erica Durrance. As she admits in the interviews, she personally believes in this love story, and it is that respect that carries her so exquisitely into the role.

Smallville comes with a lot of “stuff”. Its easy to lose focus of the character interplay amongst all of the freaks, gadgets, CGI and special effects that drives the comic book aspects of the story. Having a run of 10 years however, has allowed the writers and actors to build their characters completely. When you are able to strip away the fluff, you are left with something like the following youtube video which unequivocally uncovers a remarkable character, a remarkable actress, and a remarkable performance. I don’t ever want this series to end. Most especially, I don’t ever want this couple to end.

These excerpts from the finale won’t allow embedding, but the opener and the through-the-door sceneare quintessential Lois and Clark. The through-the-door scene may be the finest love seen to come along in several decades. Brilliantly executed:

This may be fantasy, but God it feels good to watch. (Clois, btw is twit and youtubespeak for “Clark and Lois”)