Kate Middleton: Duchess of Cambridge, Countess Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus

Arms of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

… Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Phillip Louis, Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor, and future Queen Consort of England, the British Isles and the Commonwealth. After a picture perfect, fairy tale wedding

that followed a long and no doubt deeply introspective courtship, Britain (and Will!) has, I think, acquired a most regal, most beautiful, and entirely capable Queen for William V, upon his ascension to the throne.

Watching her closely through the service and in various videos, this is no wallflower and shrinking violet. Kate demonstrated in presence, poise and performance, that while she was the star of the show and this was hers and Will’s wedding, she wasn’t “along for the ride”. She shared the spotlight graciously with all close to her that had a hand in bringing it all together, most especially with her exquisitely presented maid of honour, sister Pippa, and all of the kids. Without question, another jewel has been added to the British crown.

While it is fashionable amongst some to denigrate the monarchy for basically being who they are; these are working royals. Unbeknown to most, in the days previous to the wedding, William as Flt Lt. Wales, SAR pilot, attempted to rescue with his helicopter, a woman who fallen down a cliff, by trying to get a paramedic to her on the heli’s hoist. They were unable to rescue her in time.

As all Search And Rescue personnel know and understand, this is the truly difficult part of SAR – not being able to complete the mission, despite all best efforts, and so, William will depend heavily on his beautiful and capable new bride, to fulfill not only the pomp and foolery that comes with the trappings of royalty, but in those most private of moments, to comfort and sustain him in the other reality in which he lives. My read is that they have chosen each other wisely and carefully, and Britain may come to revere their new queen-in-waiting.

The following video from youtube is an excellent compendium of web images of Kate over time, and makes for a stunning portfolio of a stunning woman. Enjoy.