An unabashed tribute of love to Margo and the Cowboy Junkies

Every once in a while its time to escape the lunacy of politics and ideologies and get lost in the sheer majesty of this band and their exquisitely real lead, Margo Timmins. I confess, I haven’t followed them closely enough, even with a good collection of their early CDs. I promise to rectify that, real quick.

This version was recorded in 1990 with a sultry and younger Margo Timmins and the band. These guys are a true Canadian treasure. One of the most soulfully intense alternative bands to ever record.

Older Margo may be now, but time has only enhanced her sultry earthiness, even as she acquires a sophisticated maturity that is reflected in her voice. The video below from a couple of years ago offers a rare look at Margo and the band in an uncommon setting: a fashion show, and the easy grace with which she adapts old favourites to an unusual venue.

You can and should spend a couple of hours on youtube reminding yourself how good she really is, then visit the Junkies website, sampling (and buying, ideally:) their latest works. Don’t leave the site without losing yourself in Margo’s corner. If you had any doubt that she still has it, you will be comforted. The new album/series, Renmin Park/Nomad, if Renmin Park is any example, is going to be simply awesome.

I realize this reads like an ad, but there are not many bands and singers that I play and replay for hours at a time, But I could sit and watch and listen to Margo and the Junkies every minute for the rest of my life. Go do it. Step off the planet for a bit. You’ll be so very glad you did.