Orianthi Panagaris

If you haven’t seen or heard much of this young Aussie lass yet, and you like sweet high energy soulful rock, this girl will rock you! I’ve been watching her since PRS picked her up in 2005 and she finally has a pro album out this fall. www.orianthi.com

Carlos Santana has done several shows with her after inviting her as a teenager to appear with him on stage in Adelaide, Australia during a tour. She stayed on stage for 45 minutes. Santana has described her as “this is no longer cute; this is serious ass-whuppin'” and has said that if he was to pass the baton, it would be to her.

Promotional video from her new album:

Onstage with Carrie Underwood at the Grammys: Carrie Underwood and Orianthi

Doing a version of Beat It asked for in her audition for MF for the This is It Tour:

This youtube video is an outtake from Eric Clapton’s Crossroads 2007 tour. She’d be 22 here.

Lights of Manos – Experience PRS 2010

A compilation of some of her solos…

Her famous “Highly Strung” with Steve Vai…

If anyone has any doubts of her ability on the guitar, this acoustic rendition of Michael Jackson’ s Give It To Me, should take care of that.

Some screencaps from her album prep: