Flutes and other noisemakers II

In a previous post I introduced “Kokopelli’s Flute”, the Anasazi edge-blown flute of the US southwest of 800-1200 years ago.

One of the principal performers of this ancient instrument is Scott August. The youtube video shows Scott solo performing on the Anasazi flute. The flute he is playing is a Geoffrey Ellis interpretation, the same as mine (different wood – Geoffrey produces a signature instrument for Scott), except Scott can actually play his, whereas I am still trying to get it to toot more that two notes at a time(much harder than you think). Enjoy, his skill on this most difficult of native flutes is without parallel.

In addition to the Geoffrey Ellis Anasazi detailed in the Kokopelli posts, I have three North American Flutes, so called, 6 hole pentatonic scale flutes crafted after a widely distributed ancient fipple flute pattern, and adopted in North America by indigenous cultures way back. These are two examples I have, below, the
Fire flute by Craig Noss in oak burl, and the teak variant, and another Michael Graham Allen (“Coyote Oldman”) which I don’t seem to have a picture of.

Fire Flute in oak burl, G

Teak, in F#.