Some thoughts on a few things…

I just noticed that its been more than a month since I added anything to this blog. Not that that has any particular significance, but when you lay yourself open publicly on a blog on the internet, there’s a certain “sober second thought” that occurs before you post what you really think. You can get away with a lot on an anonymous blog (don’t ask me how I know this), but when your identity is tied more closely to what you write, you may not say what needs to be said… My excuse is that I’ve been putting so much time into the radar project, which is true. If you haven’t wandered around that, give it a spin. You can take the geek out of the science, but you can’t take the science out of the geek.

I am having something of a crisis of conscience at the office. Something about my employer committing an illegal act, acknowledging that they have, and refusing to correct the situation, resulting in potential harm to a citizen. Parts of the legality are a little gray, but the morality is not. I’m not comfortable being a party to it but I’m not sure how to correct it. Those of you who know me know that I work for a government agency, and know which one. Those who don’t, probably don’t need to know. At any rate, this is somewhat troubling.

I’m not sure what I think about Twitter. I have a Twitter account (sidebar) and have used it sparingly. I like it for what is can be in a personal sense, but I think the “social networking” evolution is really just too much noise. 140 characters doesn’t amount to any kind of communication beyond 21st century grunting. Being a follower is sort of like standing a few feet from a couple of people who are having a conversation and only hearing the occasional word. I appreciate that some people are sufficiently comfortable about themselves to share the minutiae of their lives with the world, but I can’t get my head around why they would want to. Oh well, for as long as it lasts, a few master’s and PhD students will get their degrees out of studying it. Certainly, Canadian cell companies stand to make a fortune on 15 cents per tweet if you don’t have a text-messaging package (most don’t in Canada), something that costs less than a 1/3 of a cent to send and uses header space in the packet flow (i.e., doesn’t require any new resources to accommodate).

Having crossed 60 a couple of years ago, I’m finding that that fact really blows. May not live long enough to get over it… LOL!

Since the global warming alarmists have become downright shrill lately, especially about rising sea levels, I’m wondering, since I’m already embarking on snowboarding in the winter, whether I should take up surfing for the summer, too….