Another 15 minutes of fame…

That makes an hour and 15 minutes on my total-to-life list…

The “precarious state of the U.S. polar bear population”

Yesterday’s LA Times story on the Obama administration deciding not to use polar bears as a global warming tool that we covered on WUWT had this howler:

“…the precarious state of the U.S. polar bear population…”.

It seems many other news outlets were content to pickup and regurgitate this story. A Google search on the phrase yields 283 results (as of 9AM today) and some big name media names are attached, like the Chicago Tribune.


To be fair, I missed the funny twist too. But sharp eyed WUWT reader Paul Coppin caught it and wrote:

I guess as a Canadian, I have to say “what U.S. polar bear population’? The couple dozen in US zoos?


Journalism is dead.

Of course there’s polar bears in Alaska, which is what the article should have said rather than “U.S.”, but as we’ve seen they seem to be doing just fine in the great state of Alaska.

The article I was commenting on was this one, read it too:

Global Warming clause won’t be used to protect polar bears, ecos plan to sue