Ephemerata Weather Radar Blog

The Ephemerata Weather Radar Project now has its own support blog, EWRadar blog (ewradar.wordpress.com). This is distinct from my Ephemerata WordPress Blog that documents all my other silliness.

Both blogs are accessible from ephemerata.ca, but only the EWRadar blog is accessible from the weather project page. This was all done to reduce the traffic on my personal wordpress blog and allow freer discussion on the weather pages. Clear as fog, right? I think it will make sense once you travel around the pages a bit.

Presently on the EWRadar Blog, is an entry related to the recent eruptions of Volcano Redoubt just outside of Anchorage, Alaska. The area is presently up on the weather radar page.

There will be less about the weather radar project on the the personal wordpress pages, so feel free to wander over to the project page and blog to see what’s up.