The Cameras

As some of you are aware, I’m a bit of a collector of some things, notably cameras, musical instruments and couple of other areas. Many of you haven’t seen the cameras I like to work with, even though several of you have an image made with them. Well, here I am in all my glory with four of my biggest – Top left, the Cambo 400 8X10, bottom left the Tachihara 4×5 Field, bottom right, the Cambo 4x5NX and I’m holding a Bronica ETSRi Special Edition. I’ll add a shot of my old sweetheart – the 1900 Anthony Normandie, soon as I find the picture.
Me and Big Cams

Here it is, my 1900 Anthony Normandie. This camera was built sometime between 1899 and 1903. Before Ford produced a car. Before the Wright Bros flew an airplane. Before Alex Bell invented the telephone. When I take pictures with this, I marvel at the fact the original purchaser, delighted with the “new technology”, had no idea what was to come… I am humbled by what has transpired since he said “smile…and hold it!” The lens is more modern, from the ’40s, I believe, maybe even newer (its also seen on the Cambo 400 8×10 in the above picture).

Me and Big Cams

As I get more images up, visit Ephemeral/Photo.