Greensville-Crook’s Hollow Garden Railway

Here are a couple of youtube videos of my garden railway, the Greensville-Crook’s Hollow Railway Company:   Night Train and Run Ruby. Run.

I have more video but I have to get it put together, including winter snowplowing (last winter, not this). This year the track got buried beyond plowing in November and has only recently begun to appear.

The Greensville-Crook’s Hollow Railway Company is a Mongrel Line, leasing or purchasing everybody’s surplus and abandoned. We’ll run steam, diesel, steel and wood. The company motto is “We’re not proud, got wheels?”

Here are some shots about the GCHRyCo:
Alco S4 switcher 8143 in earlier CN livery, one of two little engines (with 8142) that can…
Alco S4 - one of a pair.

George the Commuter at Crook’s Hollow Station, waiting for the train that never comes. When George moved from the city to the holler, nobody told him GO doesn’t go to the holler.
George the commuter

Winter plow train at work…3 “U-boats” (GE U-25 Locos) and a converted caboose/plow car leased from the Rio Grande…
Winter Plow train, 3 locos

It snows in Greensville-Crook’s Hollow Country.
Snow Canyon