Tales from the Mouse Bump. II

Previous posts have documented my tentative steps as a newbie “Gray on Trays” candidate/fool and I’m pleased to report I survived getting up on both feet today [insert typical Coppin encyclopedic note: you start with only the front boot in the bindings and the rear foot on a stomp-pad or tight up against the rear binding so you can step off the board for balance if you need to initially.]. Snow was bit better than last time but the temp was way too warm – +5.4oC at my place in the shade, which meant guaranteed buckets of sweat. I’m down to a turtleneck t-shirt and jacket open and am still too warm. Well, it will help get some of the pounds off. Jill’s videos are right on for getting started. I was able to weight shift, heel/toe and turn the knees as needed. Did learn one new thing. Don’t try to get into your bindings with the board pointed downhill. Duh-uh.