On exploding ketchup bottles and getting old.

What is it about getting old that causes you to drop things? Causes you to lose your grip? Arthritis? Fear of abusing the power you know you have in your experienced hands? Alzheimer fingers – forgetting what it was you were reaching for and why? Realizing you really wanted the pickles, but, oops, too late?
I wouldn’t have predicted a 1.5 litre nearly full bottle of ketchup in a plastic bottle would explode on impact after falling out of my hands as I pulled it out of the fridge, but it did.

A smear of ketchup is easy to wipe up, but a liter sized pile defies all manner of cloth and rag. It became necessary to use a spatula and shovel it up. Wot a mess. And of course, the lunch on which it was to be used got cold in the process.

Memo to self, both hands for beginners, geriatrics and anything you have bend over to retrieve…