New Winter “Wheels”

For a while now, I’ve been bummed out about the fact I don’t seem to get off my duff and get out and do things, especially in the winter. Formerly, I did a reasonable bit of skiing, downhill at first, then cross-country.

A colleague has been regaling me with her tales of newbie snowboarding. Now, she has a known bad back, and I’ve sort of half expected to hear of more flat-on-the-floor pass the ice kinda talk, but so far, other than acquiring the look of “battered-wife” syndrome (no worries there, she can clean his clock; don’t tell him that tho), she seems to be holding together.

So says I, why not me, too? I’ve been something of a closet lurker on snowboards for a few years, so new year, new bruises – time to get out of the house and know God!

Since this is the deal season, deal I did, and wound up with the hot rod in the pictures. This wasn’t the board I started out looking at (same company tho), but at 40% off this is a significant upgrade, and cheaper then the basic board I was looking at. New ride is a Morrow Clutch, with K2 Mach II bindings, and Morrow Rail boots. And a helmut, and a board bag (board bag – no, its not true that snowboards come with body bags. Apparently they’re extra cost. ), and soon, new snow pants too. My old snowpants won’t fit over the boots….

Still, I had a bit of cash left over from selling a banjo at Christmas, so all is good on the deal front. A spinoff is meeting a nice young snowboarder /instructor (former 3 time US national champion(alpine) by email on the ‘net. You can check out Jill McGary and her brother out at Snowprofessor.

You know why the bottoms of snowboards are brightly coloured, right? So the dude can be seen sticking out of the snow from the helicopter.

So far, all I’ve done is get the bindings set up and jibbed my living room (that’s cool rider lingo for trick boarding, you know, like 50/50s, railing and 360s. Dude). Hey, I only fell off the floor, twice! Dude!