Just what the world needs, another blog.

There are some magnificent blogs out there, attracting thousands of viewers, spotlighting the most pressing issues of the day, invigorating dialogue around the world. This isn’t one of them.

No, what this is, is just a place for me to tell my friends what I’m up to (yeah, both of them. I could call, but they’re smart enough to live out of town and only check their email periodically. This way they can check up on me anonymously, and not have to admit who called the white coats).

Maybe do a little writing, post a little silliness, explore the softer, quirkier part of my personality. Ok, so to the neighbours, “quirky” just means “weird”. My day job is a tough one, full of angst, pressure and tragedy. This blog is for finding some perspective.

Drop by and say hello! I won’t promise a response, but your comment will be noticed. Keep it real and check the baggage at the door. This place is for people being true to themselves first of all. Use your first name, there’s no place to hide on the web anyway.

Ephemerata…wisps of personality floating past on the zephyrs of time…