Summer Of My Discontent and that’s all that will be said about that, here. Advertisements

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to those who are, or are remembering… My dad went work to work at 15 (general shop work and building wooden car bodies for what was then Fisher Body, eventually… Continue reading

The Corrs redux, and Lucie Jones, too.

ScoittSince Easter weekend is about resurrection, the theme generally, can have more earthly significance too. My contribution tonight is a concert by the Corrs, ca 1999. The reason I’ve put this up, is… Continue reading

Shabu Shabu

One of the things i have been doing since I retired is exploring different kinds of cuisine. More specifically, cuisine that may created at home (or wherever), is typically done alfresco, and is… Continue reading

The Best Day of Our Lives

Travis and Jenny Clark. Nothing more needs to be said.

So You Think You Can Fly A Kite?

Can you do this? :) This is Spencer Watson of in the 12th Annual Windless Kite Festival, January 18, 19, and 20 2013. AKA Open Individual Indoor Unlimited competition. He’s flying a… Continue reading

So I thought I’d try out a new kite…

So who doesn’t like to go kite flying on a warm spring day in May…? Not to miss a great May day, I got up early, early, and headed to one of my… Continue reading

は な わ ち え – Chie Hanawa (は -HA な -NA わ -WA ち -CHI え -E)

Hanawa Chie (Japanese practice is to list surname first) is a young Japanese mistress of the Tsugaru Shamisen, an ancient stringed instrument akin to the banjo and likely derived from the Chinese sanxian.… Continue reading

Notes on tying an Erhu qianjin.

Editor’s note: This post is a modified cross-post from Erhu Link – all your erhu queries here!!! I’ve archived the core info from the post here as Mr. Dunhuang hasn’t updated the blog… Continue reading

For Danielle’s 18th birthday, her fans get a present…

One of the (few) joys of getting old is that you have gotten to see beauty blossom in so many forms over time – beautiful flowers, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, beautiful gestures, beautiful… Continue reading

Fireworks display – from the inside

If you didn’t get to see any fireworks this Canada Day or Independence Day, Jos Stinglingh can offer you a unique view, shot with his DJI Phantom quadcopter in May. For more about… Continue reading

Question: Who has Grace, Beauty and Poise, and is still in her teens?

Danielle Bradbery, that’s who! Its only been a little more than a year since young 16-year-old Danielle Bradbery walked off the NBC’s The Voice stage as season 4 winner and into the hearts… Continue reading

“I’m pretty sure you would have to die, to get a better idea of what an Angel sounds like”

So said one of the commenters to the first Youtube post below, of The Voice sweetheart and season 4 winner, Danielle Bradbery. This pixish young lady, all of 17, has been delighting audiences… Continue reading

Castle Episode 5×24, Season Finale, WATERSHED Review: The Magic of Marlowe

[Blog note: I’ve captured this post in the event it disappears from the web. The title link below takes you to the original page. I plan to refer to it in a later… Continue reading

Ground Control to Major Tom…er, Cmdr Chris…

At the conclusion of his stint as commander of the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield signs off with a slick and fitting send-off prior to taking the somewhat hazardous return trip… Continue reading